About the Scientology Personality Test and Other Tests

Scientology testing is an important allotment of allegorical Scientology airy development. The a lot of important analysis is acutely the abstract test, such as how does a getting feel out himself and his abilities. Is he or she cerebration clearer, sharper, and does he feel he can break problems better, and are relationships bigger about him.

The next best analysis for a getting on this alley to airy development is what added humans anticipate and say. For example, if anyone says you attending better, what happened? That is acceptable analysis of the ambiance adjoin one. If humans who were already afraid to you, now access you for help, and acutely like to accept you as company, that is addition acceptable test.

The aloft are conceivably the a lot of important tests for the alone himself, for in Scientology we are aggravating to advance the account of the alone in his own admiration as the primary purpose of what is getting done aural our ranks. But there are tests that we in our alignment aswell need, and these tests are several. They are cold tests that acquaint the alignment how the getting is doing, in his own estimation.

A aboriginal analysis can be the intelligence test. This is area one has a getting acknowledgment a alternation of questions about accepted problems. A lot of of us accept done some anatomy of this during our lives. It is a timed test, and we are absorbed in the analysis account access of the person. Can a getting break added problems afterwards accomplishing some Scientology, or not. He says he can, but can he? It does not amount which IQ analysis that is done, that an alignment uses, but acutely we accept our own.

The next analysis we accept is an bent analysis and it measures a person’s adeptness to action on the job. It is actual short.

Then we accept our administration analysis that measures a person’s adeptness to advance people. Afterwards that we accept a accent calibration analysis and this is the alone analysis that was developed by the architect of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard. Interesting abundant it is the atomic acclimated test. But it is actual authentic and enables the user to adumbrate abounding personality ancestry accustomed assertive circumstances. If I were a business employer I would use this analysis aloft all else, and some do.

The a lot of acclaimed analysis of advance is the Scientology Personality Analysis with 200 questions. Abounding tens of millions accept done this test. It takes a bit of time, but the after-effects are authentic and are graphed over ten columns. These represent personality traits, such as blessed and abiding and so on at the top, and unstable, black and so on at the bottom. The graphs added bisect into three abstracted groups. They accept in the aboriginal three columns the ancestry of the person’s own personality and how introverted, or extroverted, and so on the alone is. The next above adding is how the getting performs at plan and how alive he is. It aswell tells us if the getting has been in a biologic or baneful environment. Again the endure above analysis is how the getting is about added people. Does he like them or not, does he assurance them, is he to be trusted, and so on. Again there is the endure affection getting his adeptness to communicate.

The ancestry aswell are apprehend alongside anniversary other. You can acquaint how authentic the getting is, will others like him, and can he advance people. If a getting sees there is allowance for advance in his activity he may ambition to do something about it. But then, he may not. But in the capital these tests are so we can see how a getting is advanced compared to the endure time he did the test.

Of course, realise these tests are just what they are, tests. They are not activity itself but alone questions about life. But afterwards abounding years of testing and ambidextrous with humans I accept begin that these tests are absolutely absolutely admired and accurate.

Some humans acquisition that these tests are advantageous in business and they accept licenses to use them. Inside a lot of Churches of Scientology the agents are blessed to administrate them as a chargeless accessible account and action a bit of advice about yourself forth the way. Try one.

Good luck!